A Personal Experience at the Phuket Nature Reserve Elephant Habitat – Written by Adventure Traveller & Elephant Lover Angela Hill

My visit to this beautiful, natural, genuinely eco elephant park was second to none!

It is set in the middle of natural jungle with an amazing hill walk with the elephants up the hill through this jungle to the view at the top.

The elephants love it and are so happy and healthy living here being loved and cared for.

As I arrived there is some beautiful artwork around the reception area and the selfie photograph area is perfect. There’s even a cafe for coffee lovers like me 🙂

The activities are eco-friendly and conservation-focused. All the dung the elephants produce is recycled into beautiful paper that I made. (Bring some flower petals and put them in your paper.) The rest is used to make gas for cooking the delicious Thai lunch. This is very creative!

The water that runs down the hill from a waterfall at the top is diverted into a large holding lake that is then used for the mud spa and hydrotherapy pool and to water the beautiful gardens and lawns.

I loved seeing happy elephants and watching them wallow in the mud. The muddier the better the elephants think. The clever elephants put the hose in their mouth and drink then suck it up in their trunk and blow the water all over themselves. 

I loved preparing their food, chopping up sugar cane and breaking up bananas. Feeding them I experienced lots of close encounters with their long, very flexible and strong trunks. Bananas are the elephants absolute favourite food and they have an insatiable appetite.  They will follow you anywhere if they can smell bananas!

The elephants at this park roam free.  Each elephant has a mahout who has been with the elephant for a long time and you can see a tight loving bond. They are amazing and very intelligent animals. 

I had a wonderful day, the time went too fast.  I highly recommend this reserve if you want to learn about and interact with elephants in their natural environment. 

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Thank you for reading.