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“We had a great day with the family, the staff are super friendly and the time with the elephants is a very memorable experience. There are a lot of activities including feeding the elephants, how to make herbal treatments, experiencing the elephants enjoying a mud spa and the sanctuaries hydrotherapy pool plus an amazing jungle hike with beautiful scenery! You can see the elephants are very well taken care of, a perfect day out! You also get a cool free water flask which is a nice touch. Would highly recommend to anyone in Phuket. A notch above the rest that are available!”

Leo Phillips - England


Is the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat open every day?

Yes we are open every day of the year.

What time do the programs start and finish?

Our Morning Half-Day Elephant Safari Experience starts at 9:00am and finishes at 1:00pm.

Our Afternoon Half-Day Elephant Safari Experience program starts at 1:00pm and finishes at 5:00pm.

Is there a maximum number of visitors allowed on each program?

Yes, we work extremely hard to preserve the elephant’s wellbeing and achieve this by operating small groups during the activities with lots of space given to the elephants.

This also ensures you receive a high-quality tour and plenty of time to enjoy the program and ask questions.

Is insurance provided?

Yes mandatory Thai travel accident insurance is included with your program fee.

We also strongly recommend that all visitors and travellers have their own personal travel and medical insurance coverage for complete peace of mind.

If you use our transportation service you will be asked to complete the insurance form before entering the van to ensure the insurance policy covers your travel period.

If you are making your own way to the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat we will ask you to complete the insurance form when you arrive at the registration counter.

Do you provide drinking water?

Yes, all visitors to the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat receive a free high-quality stainless steel water bottle to use while visiting and take home with them.

This achieves one of our key mission statements of eliminating single-use plastic.

We provide water refill stations at the Elephant Habitat Platform briefing and lunch area.

Do you have a cafe?

Yes, we have the very cool Elephant Habitat Café overlooking our water pond that sells coffee, tea, fresh juices, beer and other refreshments.

What food is provided for lunch?

We provide a yummy vegetarian set or buffet lunch and fruit.

We also provide a Thai cooking demonstration where we teach you how to make the famous & very tasty Pad Thai! (popular stir-fried rice noodle dish).

What happens if it rains?

Elephants love the rain and our programs continue regardless of the weather.

Can I bring a camera or video on my visit?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a camera, phone, GoPro, etc to take photos and video as long as it doesn’t have a negative impact or stress the elephants.

Your tour guide will also be taking photos which will be posted on our Facebook page after your visit.

Please note we don’t allow drones to be flown at the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat in close proximity to the elephants.

Do you provide a luggage storage service?

Yes, we have a safe & secure room to store luggage at our registration area.

Do you recommend any hotels close by the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat?

The Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat is located in the Cherngtalay area of Phuket with Bangtao Beach, Layan Beach, Surin Beach and Laguna all very close within 5-15min drive.

Phuket International Airport is approximately 25 minutes drive.

For more details please check our Location.


How much is the Half Day Elephant Safari Program?

Adults – THB3,000 per person
Children (4-10 years old) – THB1,500 per person
Children (0-3 years old) – Free

Family Packages
2 Adults & 1 Child – THB7,200 (save THB300)
2 Adults & 2 Children – THB8,600 (save THB400)
2 Adults & 3 Children – THB10,000 (save THB500)
2 Adults & 4 Children – THB11,400 (save THB600)

The above program fee includes:

​  Hotel pick up and drop off in air-conditioned van
​  Insurance
​  High-quality stainless steel water bottle to keep
​  Lunch and Thai cooking demonstration
​  Free photos
​  Program introduction and briefing
​  Meet and feed the elephants
​  Mud spa
​  Hydrotherapy pool
​  Sand spa
​  Herbal treatment area
​  Elephant life and vet care
​  Elephant Dung Recycling Center
​  Nature jungle hike with the elephants to hilltop viewpoint

Your tour fee enables the Phuket NatureReserve – Elephant Habitat to operate, provides vital food and veterinary care for our elephants, supports upcoming elephant rescues and contributes to the ethical wellbeing and conservation of elephants in Thailand.

We thank you very much for your support.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes please, all visitors to the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat are required to book in advance so we can prepare for your visit, ensure we don’t exceed maximum visitor numbers, prepare lunch quantities, arrange your free water bottle and organize your transportation services. Thank you

Are young children and infants ok to visit?

Yes absolutely!! Our natural jungle location is suitable for all ages and we particularly welcome the young leaders of the future to learn and experience the joy of observing and looking after our beautiful gentle giants!

We have lots of shaded areas with trees and jungle, and a large welcome area to rest should children get too hot or tired.

What happens if I arrive late or want to leave early?

If you arrive late our staff will take you to join your group which will have already started the program.

You can leave the program anytime but may have to wait for your transport departure if using our transport. Alternatively, we can help organize a taxi for you.

Please note there are no refunds for arriving late or leaving early.

What do I need to bring for registration?

When you arrive at the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat the first area you will visit is our registration counter with our lovely staff to welcome you.

To complete the registration process you will need to bring a copy of your booking details, either printed or on your phone, to confirm your visit.

You can also update our staff with any changes to your transportation requirements (subject to availability) or any other issues to ensure you have a wonderful experience at the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

All bookings are required to be paid in full at the time of booking.

Do you provide refunds?

Please kindly note that no refunds are provided although we are happy to reschedule your visit to another date within 6 months of your original booking.

Please be sure to advise us at least 24hrs in advance to reschedule any tours.

Do you provide group discounts?

Yes, we provide discounts for group bookings of 10 or more people.

Is it possible to change the date of my tour booking?

Yes as long as you advise us at least 24hrs in advance we can usually change the date of your visit subject to booking availability.


Is transportation provided and what time is the pick-up?

Yes, we provide free hotel pick-up and drop-off to most areas in Phuket.

We also have options for private transport, baby seats and other requirements.

For full transportation details please refer to our Transport page, thank you.

Where should I wait for the driver?

Please wait at your hotel or villa lobby. 

What happens if I am late for the transport pick up?

If you miss the transport pick-up time (the driver will wait 5-10min) you will need to make your own way to the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat. It is important that you are ready and on time as we have other guests waiting in the vans also.

Please kindly note the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat takes no responsibility for you missing any transportation service and the program fee remains the same, thank you

Do you provide pick-up and drop-off transportation to Phuket International Airport?

For Phuket airport pick-ups you will need to book a private van or organize your own transport..

For airport drop-offs the drop off time is as per the group van schedule, which may or may not be on time, otherwise we recommend booking a private van for more certainty

Can I drive to the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat?

Yes, you are welcome to drive and park next to our welcome area.

If the carpark is full please park on the main road and walk around 3min to our entrance area.


What species of elephants do you have at the Phuket Nature Reserve – Elephant Habitat?

Thailand elephants are classified as Indian elephants which are a subspecies of the Asian elephant (Sri Lankan, Indian, Sumatran and Bornean). The other species is the African elephant.

Thai elephants have slight differences from other elephants in their subspecies. They are smaller, have shorter front legs, and a thicker body than their Indian counterparts.

Do you provide elephant riding or bathing programs?

No we 100% do not provide or support elephant riding or bathing

Where do the elephants sleep at night?

At night time our elephants rest in our customised elephant shelters which are specially designed with a sand floor, ample water, food and a half-covered roof to ensure a well-cared for and relaxing night’s sleep for all our elephants.

Each of our elephant shelters is 20m x 10m which far exceeds the minimum requirement of 7m x 7m typically stipulated by external auditors.

Why don’t you release the elephants into the jungle?

All our elephants are Thai domesticated elephants meaning they have been working and in contact with humans all their life. They have never experienced the wild and would be highly unlikely to survive with no herd or experience or worse still simply poached by humans and put back to work in the elephant tourism industry.

We work extremely hard to provide as close to a natural existence as we can for our rescued elephants to enjoy a protected and peaceful life.

How much do elephants eat per day?

Elephants are herbivores and love to eat bananas, sugar cane, Napier grass, cucumbers, watermelon, bamboo, tree bark and other leaves and fruits.

An elephant can eat up to 16-18 hours per day can consume between 5-10% of their body weight daily. For a big cow (female elephant) weighing 3,000kg this means around 150kg of food daily!

Elephants have a poor digestive system able to digest only 40-50% of their daily intake. This means a lot of elephant dung!! We have built a special Elephant Dung Recycling Center where we take the elephant dung and turn it into special recycled paper and bio-cooking gas for use at our reserve.

Why do you provide activities such as hydrotherapy, mud spa and nature jungle hiking?

Elephants are widely regarded as one of the most intelligent animal species on Earth and require stimulation for their mental and physical wellbeing, just like humans.

Elephants naturally love swimming and hydrotherapy plays a very important part in strengthening & rehabilitation for sick and older elephants, particularly those with leg problems.

Likewise mud & sand provides a cooling effect and important skin protection from the sun and insects.

Our nature jungle hike ensures that the elephants are getting their daily exercise and not overweight.

All our activities have been created based on an elephant’s natural behaviour.

Phuket Nature Elephant Reserve


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